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PID Zappata park

The Zappata park model has been produced by Ultramundum Foundation on request from the Turin city Council, mobility division. The Foundation also created a video used by the Council for promotional purposes.

It is the 3D realtime model of an area called "Clessidra", between Turati avenue and Orbassano square, where the railroad has been moved underground.

This model shows what this area will look like at the end of the work. The park has been precisely modeled, starting from official projects of Cagnardi architect and existing maps.

Surrounding buildings have been reproduced with high fidelity. Entrances to the future subway station have been precisely positioned and underground parts have been constructed starting from available drawings.

This model has been presented to citizens during public meetings so that they could see "live" what the area final look will be.

The architect, too, has been able to see how his project will be live, with waterfalls and rivers, positioned into its true final urban context.

The entire model runs in real-time on a standard PC with a 64Mb video card.

Thanks to the UltraPeg technology, this product has been made in a very short time and at an extremely low cost.

The Foundation can arrange interactive demonstrations on request, because this product can not be freely distributed yet.


Turin Zappata park 3D reconstruction - wireframe view

Turin Zappata park 3D reconstruction - trees

Turin Zappata park 3D reconstruction - parking entrances

Turin Zappata park 3D reconstruction - subway station

Turin Zappata park 3D reconstruction - fountains